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Complete Lawn Care Program


Our lawn care experts can put together a complete lawn care program to eliminate pests and help your lawn become healthier and greener throughout the entire season!

Step 1- Spring Feeding with Crabgrass Preventer
Step 2- Mid Season Feeding with White Grub Control
Step 3- Early Fall Broadleaf Weed Control
Step 4- Late Fall Feeding (Winterizer
Step 5- Lime Application (to adjust pH and increase nutrient uptake)

Property Care Services


At Oak Hills Landscaping, LLC we provide a wide range of services to make your property look beautiful throughout the entire season! From high school athletic fields to condominium associations our experts are dedicated to creating long lasting relationships and providing a reliable service our customers depend on.

Tick Control

Tick bore diseases are becoming more prevalent each year. Our experts can put together a tick control program that will drastically reduce the number of ticks on your property and help ensure the safety of your family and pets!

Step 1- Spring Spray: (Highest Bite Risk) To target Nymph ticks before they mature into adult ticks.
Step 2- Summer Spray: To target the adult ticks that have re-entered your property on other animals.
Step 3- Fall Spray: To target pregnant ticks to decrease the population that will return in the spring.

Weekly Mowing


Thorough Spring/Fall Clean up Services that area essential for the success of you lawn and landscape

  • Lawn De-thatchinig services to reduce thatch build up, increase water infiltration, and improve soil health
  • Core Aeration services to reduce soil compaction, increase was infiltration, and improve root structure
  • Overseeding services to increase turf density, improve appearance, and reduce pests.
  • Bed Maintenance services such as edging, mulching, pruning, and more!

Winter Deer Repellent

Due to rising populations, Deer have become a major nuisance during the Winter months. If not treated, Deer will feed on many of our favorite plantings and completely decimate our landscape. At Oak Hills Landscaping, LLC we understand the amount of money and time you put into maintaining your landscape, our experts can put together the right program to protect your investment during the winter months!



Snow Removal and De-icing Services


At Oak Hills Landscaping, LLC we service both residential and commercial accounts. Our snow removal experts can keep your property safe throughout the entire Winter. We have wide range of commercial equipment including large plow trucks with salt spreaders, skidsteers equipped with plows, enclosed tractors with blowers, and much more!


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